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Best Rated Hybrid Inverter in the UK in 2023

Hybrid Inverter

Are you ready to revolutionize your energy consumption? Here are our cutting-edge hybrid-inverters. Hybrid_inverters are a great innovation in the dynamic field of solar energy. They are bridging the gap between renewable and conventional energy sources. You are welcome to explore the world of hybrid inverters with


We are offering a wide range of top-tier hybrid inverters, like Solis, Growatt, SolaX, Sunsynk, and Givenergy. Say goodbye to traditional inverters and embrace the power of versatility and eco-friendliness.


Unveiling of Hybrid Inverters

For solar power systems, hybrid inverters are an integral part. They play a pivotal role in converting DC electricity produced by solar panels into AC electricity, suitable for household use. Hybrid solar inverters can integrate seamlessly with energy storage systems, like batteries, and the utility grid. 

Best Rated Hybrid Solar Inverters  in the UK 

Solis Hybrid-Inverters

Solis is a name synonymous with innovation and reliability in the solar industry.  Our inverters are leading this energy revolution. The largest and oldest inverter specialist designs their products to seamlessly integrate solar panels with your existing power grid. 


Solis hybrid_inverters are available in various capacities. They include the Solis 3.6kW and Solis 5kW models. A host of benefits offered by Solis hybrid inverters are :


  • Energy Independence: Solis hybrid-inverters help you harness solar power, minimizing your reliance on traditional grid energy sources. Thus, your electricity bills and carbon footprint become lower.
  • Efficiency: You will love Solis hybrid inverters for their high conversion efficiency. They ensure the maximum utilization of the energy generated by your solar panels.
  • Smart Monitoring: Advanced monitoring features of these inverters help you track your energy consumption and generation in real-time. Consequently, they enable you to optimize your energy usage.
  • Ease of Installation: Our Solis hybrid inverters are user-friendly. The installation process is straightforward, and we provide a Solis hybrid-inverters manual to guide you through every step.

Best Rated Hybrid Inverter in the UK in 2023

Growatt Hybrid-Inverters


Growatt is another powerhouse in the hybrid-inverter industry. At, we offer a range of Growatt hybrid-inverters attaining trustworthiness of the homeowners and businesses worldwide. 


The reasons why you should consider Growatt are :


  • Versatility: You can customize your energy storage solution to suit your needs because of the compatibility of Growatt hybrid inverters with various battery types
  • Reliability: Due to its robust performance, Growatt hybrid-inverters ensure that your energy supply is in good hands.
  • Optimized Performance: Maximising your solar panel output, they help you derive the best out of your investment in renewable energy.

Solax Hybrid Inverter

SolaX is renowned for its smart energy management as well as its sleek design and advanced features. Our SolaX hybrid-inverters are advantageous to your energy setup. They offer –


  • Intelligent Battery Management: The wonderful battery management of SolaX hybrid-inverters prolongs the battery life and ensures efficient energy storage.
  • Grid Backup: In case of a sudden power cut, your SolaX hybrid-inverter can switch to backup power without any interruption.
  • Remote Monitoring: This feature allows you to keep an eye on your energy system from anywhere. Thus you have complete control over your power supply.

Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter

To cater to a wide range of energy needs, we have a big collection including Sunsnyk 3.6kW, Sunsnyk 5kW, Sunsynk 8kw hybrid inverter,  Givenergy 5kW hybrid_inverter, etc. The difference-making features are :

  • Scalability: Sunsynk and Givenergy hybrid inverters are scalable. You may expand your solar power system with the rise of your energy requirements.
  • Efficiency: These inverters ensure maximum efficiency and help derive the most energy out of your solar panels.
  • Reliability: For robust building quality and advanced monitoring, you can rely on them to power your home or business.
Install hybrid inverter

Install hybrid inverter

Here’s a comparative study of their key features.


Hybrid Inverter Input Voltage Efficiency Warranty Price
Solis 3.6kW Inverter  DC 330v 97% 5 years £1,184.80 


Solis 5kW Hybrid 5G Inverter DC, 600v 98.4% 10 years £1,200
Growatt MOD10-15KTL3-X DC, 200v 98.1% 10 years £1,600
Solax DC600 v 97.6% 10 years £1,550
Sunsynk 3.6 kw DC, 500v  97.6% 5-years £934.64,
Sunsynk 5 kw DC, 370 v 97.6%    10 years £1,095
Sunsynk 8 kw DC, 370 V 97.6% 5 years £1,791
GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2 DC, 600V 98% 5-years £1,850



  1. What is a hybrid_inverters UK?

       :  A hybrid-inverter UK combines the tasks of a battery inverter and a solar inverter. You can use solar power and store excess energy in batteries.

  1. How much do hybrid_inverters cost?

       : Hybrid-inverter cost varies in the UK. According to the inverter’s size, capacity, brand, and features price ranges from £1,000 to £3,000 or more.

  1. Which brand is best for solar inverters UK?

       :  Growatt, Solax, Solis, Sunsynk, Givenergy, etc. are some of the popular solar inverters in the UK. The best choice depends on specific needs and budget.


Final Word

We sell hybrid-inverters and provide comprehensive solutions at the lukaro shop. You can choose the right hybrid-inverter with our team’s assistance. We offer installation support, expert guidance, and access to user-friendly manuals.

Don’t miss the chance to embrace the future of energy management. Visit to upgrade to a hybrid-inverter. Enjoy their benefits like energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, and make a difference for your wallet and the planet.

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