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Best Solis hybrid inverter: you should know this before buying

Best Solis hybrid inverter is a fantastic inverter invented by Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co Ltd subsidiary. In 2005, this company was established in China. Solis hybrid inverters are a variety of solis inverters. This terrific company has achieved massive success all over the world. They have offices and sales service centers in Australia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Romania etc.

Solis 4.6kW Hybrid Energy

Features of best Solis hybrid inverter

  1. It has an amazing, intelligent Hybrid PV Inverter.
  2. Stunning Export controlling system
  3. UPS function
  4. Outstanding 7-inch LCD Screen
  5. Off-grid backup function
  6. App control
  7. Real-time management system
  8. Delivers  5-20 years warranty
  9. 97% efficiency
  10. Integrated BMS
  11. Intelligent EMS Function
  12. Smart Battery SOC detection – Compatible with various 48V barriers
  13. Protection techniques

Solis hybrid inverter models:




Solis hybrid inverter price structure:

The price of a Solis hybrid inverter is around $1200-1500. You can buy what you want within your budget.

Solis hybrid inverter setting:

  1. First of all, you need to get permission from your utility company. This process will give you protection from any danger. You can install the hybrid inverter system safely because they will provide local regulations.
  2. After getting permission, you can connect it with solar panels and wind turbines to get DC power. Then, it can connect with AC power.
  3. After installing the hybrid inverter, you must check the batteries, voltage, and current levels. Also, check the AC power.
  4. Then, connect the grid with the hybrid inverter.


Best hybrid  inverter advantages

  1. It has terrific functions for saving energy.
  2. It is made with on-grid and off-grid power. That’s why it provides every power of these.
  3. It works for converting DC to AC.


Solis hybrid inverter disadvantages

  1. Hybrid inverters are expensive.
  2. Power output is limited.
  3. Tough to repair.
  4. Difficult to maintain
  5. Contains High noise


Faq Section:


It can handle a maximum 3kw power charge as well as discharge power. Furthermore, it can regulate the power of lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries if the voltage remains in the range of 42-58V.

  • How can I find the best app for the hybrid inverter?

You can download the Soliscloud app from Google. It will deliver you with flawless introductions.

  • Does the hybrid inverter run at night?

No, the Solis inverter can’t work at night. This device only works during the daytime.

  • Will the Solis hybrid work without electricity?

Yes, if the Solis inverter takes charge entirely from electricity, it can also work without electricity.

  • Will the inverter work without batteries?

Yeah,  nowadays, the company is making new functions that, through the hybrid inverter, can run without batteries.

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