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Solar Cable 4mm

Solar cable is a cable that helps solar panels connect with the batteries. It is vital to install the solar cable on the solar panel, as disconnecting it from the solar panel can damage solar panels.

Solar cable 4mm is one type of cable used in the solar system. It is made of copper cable and copper sheath insulation that transfers solar energy to the battery bank. In this blog, we will discuss its specification, insulation, and parameter. We will also tell you why it is vital to have it in your solar system or solar panel setup.

Solar Cable 4mm:

Solar cable 4mm is a conductor cable with a conductor of tinned copper and an insulation of XLPO. The nominal voltage of the cable is 0.6/1KV and the test voltage is 3.5KV. Solar cable 4mm is typically made of plain annealed copper class 5 to BS EN 60228. Solar cables 4mm is designed for solar panel installation, solar inverter connection, solar power grid connection, and solar substation connection. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and mechanical shock.

Solar cable 4mm contains 4-5 conductor wires or 2 wires depending on the manufacturer. It can withstand high temperatures and voltage without any loss in performance. The advantages of solar cable include its durability, cost-efficiency, flexibility, and high-quality insulation properties. However, Solar cable 4mm isn’t perfect – it has some drawbacks such as its high vulnerability to fire and its low resistance to water corrosion

Solar Cable 4mm Specification:

  • Solar cable 4mm is a cross-link cable of tinned copper conductor and insulation of XLPO.
  • It has a nominal voltage of 0.6/1kV and a test voltage of 3.5kV.
  • The conductor wire is plain annealed copper with a bare wire conductor size of 14mm2 to BS EN 60228.
  • Solar cable 4mm is a high-quality solar cable that’s great for solar inverter applications. It’s durable, high-temperature resistant, and has high solar performance. 
  • It’s perfect for solar inverter applications such as solar power systems, solar battery charging, solar water heating, solar air conditioning, solar photovoltaic inverters, and solar power plants. 
  • It can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications due to its weatherproof characteristics. 
  • It has a wide range of uses from solar PV inverters to AC voltage converters in dc voltage systems and it’s much more affordable than other solar cables on the market


Solar cable 4mm is made of a conductor and insulation with a range of temperatures. The conductor of solar cable is tinned copper and the insulation is an XLPO insulation with a temperature range from -20°C to +90°C. The insulation sheath of the solar cables 4mm is designed to protect the cable from corrosion and harsh weather conditions. 

Solar cables are designed with a 120-degree C rating to withstand mechanical shock. They can have four or two conductor wires depending on the manufacturer. The insulation sheath of the solar cable is designed to survive in UV radiation environments. It protects the cable from degradation and further degradation caused by solar panel temperature fluctuations. 

In order to ensure high-quality solar cable, solar panel manufacturers always test their products extensively before releasing them into the market. Testing solar cable provides assurance that it can withstand high temperatures and other environmental factors such as wind and water.


Solar cable 4mm typically has a sheath made of tinned copper. The sheath of solar cables is usually insulated with XLPO material. The insulation color of solar cable is typically red. Solar cable 6mm also has a protective sheath to protect from UV radiation. ZMS cable produces solar cables 4mm and 6mm with protective sheaths to ensure they can withstand the high-energy output from solar panels. 

These protective sheaths make the solar cable more resistant to damage and further enhance its efficiency in transferring energy from solar panels to the grid. Whether you are installing solar panels or maintaining them, the solar cable is a vital part of the system that must be installed correctly and regularly to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Solar Cable 4mm Parameter:

Solar cable 4mm consists of a copper conductor with insulation made of XLPO and a red insulation color with a temperature range of -20°C to +90°C. These solar cables are used in photovoltaic (PV) systems and are available in gauges of 4mm and 6mm. 6mm solar cables are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and mechanical shock. 

In comparison, 4mm solar cables usually consist of 2-5 conductor wires and are available in three types: stranded copper wire, multi-stranded copper wire, and ribbon copper wire. These solar cables typically have a nominal voltage of 0.6/1KV and a test voltage of 3.5KV.

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While this cable is very durable and lightweight, it also comes with an insulation sheath of high-quality copper-based copper-copper alloy sheath. It is resistant to abrasion and oxidation. With solar cable , you get a cable that is lightweight, flexible, and resistant to bending. It has high-tensile strength, making it ideal for solar panel projects. 

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