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Solar Cable 6mm – Solar Energy 

Solar Cable 6mm

Solar cable is a cable used in solar energy systems. The cable transfers the solar panel’s solar energy (power) from the panel to the solar Inverter. It is generally made of polyethylene and polypropylene. It consists of several solar cells and a sheath that wraps around it. With solar cable, you can generate power for your home, office, or even vehicles.

Today, we will be discussing more Solar cable 6mm specifications and their parameters in this blog. We will also provide additional information about solar cable 6mm like reviews and inputs from experts.

What is 6mm Cable used for?

6mm cable is commonly used to transfer energy from solar panels to energy storage units. It is also used to provide connections between solar panels and energy storage units, as well as between solar cells and inverters. Additionally, 6mm cable is manufactured in compliance with ISO standards for quality assurance.

Solar Cable 6mm:

Solar cable 6mm is the smallest diameter solar cable available. It typically has a conductor of tinned copper and insulation of XLPO with a temperature range of -20°C to +90°C. As the name suggests, it is 6mm in diameter and made using high-grade materials. It is often certified with a nominal voltage of 0.6/1kV and a tested voltage of 3.5KV. 

Solar cables are available with a variety of insulations such as single- or twin-wall insulation, Electron beam cross-linked insulation, Halogen free flame retardant insulation, etc. In terms of flexible solar power cables, a solar cord 6mm is the most commonly used one. 

It is suitable for thin-film solar panels with a smaller surface area and requires less space for installation. Besides, it provides optimum efficiency for power generation through its lightweight design and easy handling.

Solar cable 6mm comes in various sizes depending on the power capacity required by the end users. The conductor size can vary from 1 to 4 mm while the insulation diameter ranges from 2 to 12 mm (you can also opt for bigger diameters if you prefer). Hence, it is suitable for use in all types of solar PV systems ranging from residential rooftop solar panel systems to large-scale commercial operations. Besides, it offers high durability and longevity due to its quality construction and durable material composition, making it an ideal choice for power transmission in outdoor applications such as photovoltaic farms and solar parks.

6mm Solar Cable Specification:

6mm solar cable is made of plain annealed copper with a class 5 rating to BS EN 60228. This cable is flexible and easy to install and use. It features a flexible tinned copper wire with a maximum voltage of 1.2kV AC (1.8kV DC) and is suitable for use in all solar PV systems.

The insulation is an XLPO with a temperature range of -20°C to +90°C and its nominal voltage is 0.6/1KV. It has a test voltage of 3.5kV and a standard TUV value of 100 cycles. The price is without VAT at present, making it one of the most economical solar cable options available today.

Solar Cable 6mm Parameter:

Solar cable 6mm is a solar cable made of tinned copper conductors and XLPO insulation. It has a nominal voltage of 0.6/1KV and a test voltage of 3.5KV and is certified by TUV, CE, and RoHS. The cable has a temperature range of -20°C to +90°C, making it ideal for use in photovoltaic systems for cabling solar modules and connection to the AC/DC Inverter

The cable is also suitable for use in other solar applications, such as solar cooling systems and solar power plants. It can be manufactured to meet different standards and requirements, with quality control procedures in line with international standards.

Additional information:

Solar cable 6mm is made of tinned copper, with XLPO insulation and a red insulation color. The conductor is a plain annealed copper class 5 to BS EN 60228.

It has a temperature range of -20°C to +90°C and a nominal voltage of 0.6/1KV. It is produced according to ISO standards and has a quality control system. 6mm solar cable is available in lengths from 11.58€ to 173.72€, depending on length and diameter.

The solar cable conductor is made of highly resistant bare copper wires, which are soldered or brazed together for increased strength and durability. These solar cables are a cost-efficient way to bring solar energy to the power grid. They are ideal for use in solar panel systems due to their high reliability and flexibility in terms of length, size, and shape.


Solar cable 6mm is made of tinned copper conductor with an XLPO insulation and a temperature range of -20°C to +90°C. The Production process of solar cable follows ISO standards and is subject to quality control. Solar cable 6mm can be purchased in black or various colors and comes with a 100m 0 AWG Gauge Copper Battery Cable Power Wire Auto Marine Inverter RV solar panel. The solar cable 6mm is offered at a price without VAT, description, and additional information. Besides, it has high efficiency, durability, and reliability that make it suitable for solar panel connection. 

Solar cable 6mm can be used to connect the solar panel to a solar inverter or other solar panel Chargers. This solar cable is safe to use in any weather as it’s resistant to water and corrosion. Additionally, solar cables 6mm is affordable, flexible, durable, and easy to use making them the perfect choice for solar panel connection.


When it comes to solar cable, we suggest you go for the cable that is light in weight and easy to carry. After all, the solar cable is a solar panel’s Lifeline. If it gets damaged or lost, the solar panel cannot be used. It is best to opt for cable that is durable and lightweight. 

However, when it comes to cable length, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. While each cable has its own specifications, every cable is different from the others. If you have any questions regarding solar cable 6mm, do not worry – call us at 08008611670 and our experts will guide you through.

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